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Trevor Mill and Piers Aitman


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TREVOR MILL (on the right)

As a young man I designed for the music world, working at the New Musical Express, moving on to become a Head Designer, working on tour advertising, festivals to bar logos. Seeking a new challenges I became a designer, typographer and illustrator for large advertising agencies including TBWA and many others, moving up from Head of Design, Head of Art and eventually becoming Creative Director of a small agency.

Realising one could do the job at home I created an independent company specialising in branding and website design for a wide range of clients. After working with Piers successfully on many projects it made sense to team up - our skills are very complementary.

PIERS AITMAN (on the left)

I began my career at a top London design agency, working for large corporate clients like Prudential and Royal Mail. I developed a range of digital skills in the early days of the internet including Flash, Director and video animation.

Over the years I have worked on projects large and small, from the largest brands in the world such as Apple and Harrods, to small and medium size businesses.

I try to bring my breadth of expertise and experience in web development to give clients the most versatile and appropriate solution for their needs and budget.


We have been working successfully for a while as our skills and personalities complement each other. A client suggested we make our partnership official, hence this website.